In view of recent developments it has come to our attention in investing that there are some good business opportunities in Albania, currently operational but which need either financing or selling for different reasons, mainly because of bad management or lack of additional financial resources to expand and lack of crediting from the banks.

The following are businesses which we have either visited ourselves as a first review but without any deep financial or legal due diligence or we have taken information from the banks in what financial conditions are they, in order to make sure that they are sustainable to a certain extent, before offering them to foreign investors. So we may propose the following:


  • Meat production and processing company. Operating in Tirana, the only company acknowledged by the state to license the slaughter of the animals and also processes meat. It has an already built network of suppliers and clients. Owners are interested in selling the shares.
  • A foreign hospital operating mainly in heart diseases, owned by an Albanian company. ¬†¬†Owners are interested in selling the shares.
  • A diary production company, well known in the whole Albanian territory. Owners are either interested in selling the shares or allowing a new partner to enter the business.

Moreover, the following are available:

  • A land in Ksamil (the very southern point of Albania) and one in Zvernec (near Vlora) to be exploited for tourism purposes
  • Agricultural business opportunities in the region of Lushnja. We can create opportunities to directly connect with the local authorities there to see the various possibilities.
  • Investment in gas and oil industry: free areas to extract and export bitumen (discussion directly provided with the Agency of the Natural Resources) and other possibilities in the energy sector. In case of large businesses in this area with substantial investment resources we may create opportunities of direct contacts with the line Ministry.

This is a first attempt from our side to build in a good portfolio of Albanian businesses which we can offer to foreign interested investors to either acquire the whole or part of the shares of such businesses, as well as to present other good investing opportunities in Albania. In any case the ultimate guarantee of the above or other businesses before the client decides anything, would be a partial or complete due diligence of the business on sale.

In case you have any interest on the above please do not hesitate to contact us!