29 Oct

Tax payment forms – now electronically printed!


Pursuant to the tax reform undertaken in Albania, an important approach is the on line tax declaration, a service which will facilitate the monthly tax compliance work for taxpayers.

As a first step now taxpayers can download the monthly tax payment forms electronically at the General Tax Directorate (GDT) website: www.tatime.gov.al/gdt/.

The procedure

Once you click on the URL above you should enter the Albanian version of the webpage and then on the main page click on the red letters “shkarko formularet” (download forms), and on the page that appears you give your correct VAT number and the forms would be ready to download.

You can easily print the social and health contribution/VAT/personal income tax forms in two copies for each form, fill them in and submit them to the bank, i.e. follow the same procedure as in the past but without going to the tax office to withdraw such forms.

Please be aware that you still have to withdraw the tax on profit payments from the tax administration and also you do not loose the right to withdraw the above forms near the tax office rather than printing them on line.

You can also register your company by clicking on “Register” and giving the required data. This registration will allow you to enter on the area “My taxes” and manage the relevant information there.

A pending  receipt acknowledgement  will come to your email address by the sistem administrator, followed by a confirmation within 24 hours from the receipt of your data.