04 Nov

Conference on better skills for better economy

Venue: Tirana Business Park, November 3, 2015

Organizer: GIZ Albania

The focus of the conference was on the most needed professions in Albania. Discussion on the need to shift education from Universities to vocational training, in order to better serve the business needs for qualified workers, especially the needs of the foreign investors interested in working in Albania, taking into account one of the competitive advantages of the Albanian market economy, that of still low cost labor force.

Identification of specific needs and integration into the future plans for vocational training of all the interesting stakeholders, adding to that the existing political will to assist the process, will serve also the necessity to have a rank of the most needed professions in Albania. That ranking on the other hand will help the young workforce to better position themselves when selecting the relevant education and training for ensuring better compatibility with the labor market requirements.

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